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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  June 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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connection. 6:00 a.m. this tuesday morning. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're down to the last week of spring. if you really want to enjoy a nice spring day, step outside with your cup of coffee. walk the dog. >> you walked the dog this morning. >> absolutely beautiful out there. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley and his neighborhood forecast. >> i gave a cup of coffee to my dog and let him out the door. he was just fine. look at the live pictures from around our area. a beautiful start to this tuesday. lots of sunshine in the suburbs, 55 degrees. cooler now. we see clearing skies ahead of schedule for the suburbs which has allowed the temperatures to drop. look at the quick warmup, bright sunshine, 73 degrees at noontime today. philadelphia, 63 degrees. to start with, sunshine will be bright as clouds clear out. low 70s at 11:00 this morning. the entire area will see a good warmup. a little bit warmer than yesterday. for new jersey, 80 degrees in interior new jersey. right along the shore, close to
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80 this afternoon with mostly sunny skies. sunshine and low 80s in the lehigh valley and in delaware, too. take a look at this hour by hour when i come back in just ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're watching the blue route from our cameras. live around baltimore pike. no problems or delays in either direction as you can see all traffic is moving along. we do have problems out there. one is out in lower gwynedd, we have a multivehicle accident accident on west welsh road. eight minute trip eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill with speeds into the 60s. updates for you when i come back in the next ten. jessica, thanks. this morning we're following breaking news in northeast philadelphia. a young woman is dead after a hit and run. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in crescentville. what do we know about the victim
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and the search for the driver? >> well, tracy, police don't have a lot to go on. that's why they're appealing to the public to look for the vehicle involved in this. i'll give you the details on that in just a second. first of all, let me set the scene. this is something so many of us have done so often, simply walked across the street at the legal crosswalk when the light was green. witnesses say that's exactly what the victim was doing when she was hit by a mini van and thrown 200 feet. to give you perspective, that's more than half the length of a football feel. witnesses told investigators the impact was so strong, she was first thrown up on the menny van's hood, her head slammed into the windshield and then she was airborne quite a distance. they say a white orç silver mi van was seen hitting her and driving off. in the last little bit, the
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crime of a deadly hit and run has been upgraded to vehicular homicide. police say this driver will be caught in large part due to the extensive damage done to the vehicle. again, they're looking at this hour, they're looking for a silver or white older model mini van that has extensive front end damage. in terms of the victim, we're still waiting on police to give a positive identification of her. they say she didn't have any i.d. on her. they say that she is probably in her late teens or early 20s. as soon as we get more information on her, we'll pass it on to you. we'll be back in the next half hour with some details from police about what may have distracted her as she was walking across the street behind me. reporting live in crescentville, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. 6:03. we're also following breaks news out of france. a man convicted of terrorism in the past killed a police officer and his wife with a knife last night outside of paris. police later killed the attacker.
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officials say he also shot video of the knifings and posted them on facebook. social media site suspended the man's account. isis said one of its fighters carried out the deadly attack. 6:04 this morning. we're learning more about the terror in orlando. we're getting a better picture of just who the shooter was as the tragic aftermath plays out across the country. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live for us in the digital operations center. pam, what do we know? >> vai, more than one person has come forward and said that omar mateen was no stranger to pulse nightclub. in fact, clubgoers say they've seen him there several times before the attack. investigators are looking into that as well as reports that mateen sent messages using a gay online dating site. federal officials have been interviewing mateen's family, former co-workers and associates. they've also started the process of re-creating the crime scene in an effort to better
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understand exactly what happened. federal officials say omar mateen appears to have been a home grown extremist. we know that mateen was on the fbi's watch list for remarks he made about terrorist connections but the case was closed. if he had tried to buy a gun then, the fbi would have been notified. but because the investigation was over, he was able to and did legally purchase the weapons he used in the attack a little over a week ago. meantime, mateen's ex-wife has broken out against him. she says mateen beat her and was mentally unstable and that her own family had to rescue her from him. nbc 10 tracked down the woman's brother. he lives in new jersey. he would not give his name but he did briefly tell us how he felt about the shooter and the mass shooting. >> barely knew the guy but it's a terrible thing that happened. really a tragedy, i feel bad for all the 50 people that lost their families, sons, their
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daughters. >> nearly 2,000 people, including mayor jim kenney gathered at city hall last night to mourn the victims at a vigil. one of the 49 people killed was 18-year-old akyra murray. murray had travelled to orlando with her family to celebrate her high school graduation which was just last week. a friend who attended that vigil facetimed murray's mother so she, too, could see the outpouring of support as she sat in a hospital room with her niece who was also shot. on thursday, president obama will travel to orlando to pay his respects to the victims. reporting live in the digital operations center, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. last night, thousands of people did pack downtown orlando to remember the 49 peopleç who lost their lives. dozens more who were wounded. a sea of candled glowed in somber support. many in the vigil said they were inspired to attend because pulse nightclub played a huge role in their lives as lgbt people. here at home, a vigil outside
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philadelphia city hall last night, the west catholic girls varsity basketball team led a march in center city. their teammate, akyra murray was killed in the mass shooting. akyra's cousin was wounded. now to an nbc exclusive, matt lauer talked with pulse nightclub owner barbara poma. she founded the club after her brother died of aids as a place where gay men and women would feel welcome. >> how do you take this cause and do it justice now? >> we have to find a way to keep their hearts beating and keep our spirit alive. we're not going to let someone take this away from us. >> watch more of matt lauer's exclusive interview on the "today" show, coming up this morning at 7:00, right after "nbc 10 news today." nbc 10's george spencer is in orlando tracking the latest developments in the terror in
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orlando. watch for his live reports starting at 4:00 this afternoon. meanwhile, new from overnight, a man wanted for a triple murder in west virginia is under arrest in chester county. eric chute is accused of killing three men near a state park in west virginia. witnesses say the killing was sparked by a fight over firewood. he was arrested early this morning in chester conte. four people are in the hospital after being hit by this car outside a primos hoagie shop. three men and a woman were hit when the car jumped on to the sidewalk on south street around 3:00 this morning. the injuries include broken legs. the 21-year-old woman behind the wheel was not hurt. she and her female passenger stayed on the scene to be interviewed by police. investigators are not sure yet why the accident happened. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley.
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>> it is now nine minutes, coming up on nine minutes after 6:00. we'll see plenty of sunshine. there are clouds in the area, including at cape may. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette. a nice breeze at the shore will keep us comfortable. the humidity stays low as the winds, like yesterday, they're coming out of the northwest, northerly winds, 12 miles an hour in philadelphia, lighter in wildwood at 5 miles an hour. we will clear out and be nice and comfortable during the day. a little bit warmer than yesterday. we saw 90s over the weekend. 78 degrees yesterday afternoon. into the low 80s today and no sign of any wet weather till we get closer to the end of the week. come thursday and friday, that's when chances of rain go up in allentown and atlantic city. also in philadelphia and dover, the rain likely coming through and exiting before we get to the weekend. no rain with these clouds this morning. this is just thin clouds and they will thin out. we'll see more and more sunshine. look at that, 80 degrees at 5:00 this afternoon in philadelphia.
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bright sunshine for the suburbs and the lehigh valley with the nice warmup in both locations. for delaware, new jersey and the shore, sunny skies to start with. just a few scattered clouds at times. upper 70s to near 80 in delaware and south jersey. into the middle 70s right along the coast. the winds will shift late in the day. that will keep temperatures cooler at the shore this afternoon. look at the futurecast. how nice and clear it is into the evening hours. that's 7:00 this evening. by tomorrow morning, we'll see clouds to the west but we'll get another sunny day before the clouds takeç over on thursday d bring us a chance of some rain by late wednesday afternoon. clear in trenton. the clouds will start moving into delaware south jersey and some of the suburbs at 6:00 wednesday evening. and then the rain chances go up as we go into thursday. for today, 80s this afternoon for philadelphia, the suburbs and the lehigh valley. to the south, very low 80s for vineland. 80 degrees this afternoon.
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wildwood 75, wilmington hits 80 degrees. 77 in lewes. typical spring weather. summer is on the way. the official start hasn't happened yet. summer weather will soon follow after. i have a look at the extended ten-day outlook when i'm back in ten minutes. >> spring, summer, i don't care what you call it. if it's like yesterday and today, we're in, all good. >> i'm looking at the monitor of the boulevard, i'm seeing a disabled vehicle. sometimes there are just cars aban doned there. i can't tell whether it's abandoned or disabled. >> let's find out. jessica boyington has the answer. >> i actually think it's just one of those cars. it's a little bit empty. you might be right. right around broad street. this car was disabled, i guess you could say. somebody left their car there to the right-hand shoulder. it's not blocking any lanes. all traffic is moving along just fine. it's something to watch out for if you're heading out the door but not anything that's creating any sort of backup on the boulevard right now. there is an accident, though, out in lower gwynedd on west
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welsh road and rose lane. multi vehicles reported to be involved there. more delays headed northbound as you can see right here. that's headed towards the philadelphia area. we see more delays typically. but from the deptford area, up to the walt whitman bridge, we're seeing about a five-minute trip in that drive time. no problems if you're headed down to the jersey shore. more updates when i'm back in the next ten. 63 degrees here at our studios in bala cynwyd. president obama turns his focus to isis. and what police say caused a driver to plow into a backyard swimming pool.
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take a look at this crash caught on camera in statin island. a suspected drunk driver smashes into a backyard and hit a police officer's pool. the family woke up to find a volvo had taken out their fence and post supporting the deck. luckily no one was hurt. the driver was taken into custody and tested for dui. delaware is looking to crack down distracted drivers. >> house lawmakers plan to vote this week on a bill that would toughen penalties for anyone caught texting and driving. the bill would increase the penalty for a first offense from $50 to $100. the fine for drivers caught again was jump as high as $300. the bill has to pass the senate. governor jack markell has said he would sign it. chester police are testing out body cameras. the department hopes to have ten officers outfitted with the equipment at first. the goal is transparency between the police and the community. chester was given a $10,000 donation for a pilot program. today the fan accused of
6:17 am
throwing a bottle at phillies first baseman ryan howard will be in court. 21-year-old sydney smith from wilmington turned himself in on friday. he is charged with disorderly conduct. howard wasn't hurt in the incident on june 4th at citizens bank park. here's a live look at citizens bank park where the championship of the phillies carpenter cup classic will be played next week. today is 0ing day for the annual baseball tournament at fdr park in south philly. hundreds of local high school players will be showcasing their skills in front of top major league and college scouts. 15 games are scheduled over the next week and a half. 63 degrees. 6:17 right now. citizens bank park, you usually need to get on 95 to get there. >> let's check 95 and all the other roads for your ride to work. >> this morning's commute looks way different than it did yesterday. yesterday we were so busy all morning, tons of problems going on, accident delays.
6:18 am
right now we're not seeing that. this is 95 around the commodore barry bridge. if you're headed southbound from the blue route, head be into delaware, a six-minute trip, average speeds into the 61c there as well. also checking in with mass transit, we're seeing 17-minute delays for fox chase train 805 for septa. otherwise, the rest of mass transit is on or close to schedule for the most part. there's an accident in lower gwynedd, west welsh road and rose lane. the new jersey turnpike around the delaware memorial bridge, dealing with no problems in either direction. if you're headed north or southbound on the turnpike, you'll be just fine. more updates when i'm back in the next ten. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 18 minutes after 6:00. we have sunshine to start with. a few thin clouds in wilmington. that's a live view from frawley stadium. sunshine will take over.
6:19 am
the temperatures will be climbing from the 50s and 60s into the upper 70s and low 80s this afternoon. nice and comfortable. look how clear it is for the lehigh valley and the suburbs, 50s there. philadelphia is at 63 degrees and in delaware, we're seeing the temperatures falling right now. usually the coolest time of day is right after sunrise. it's 61 in clay monday the, 65 in odessa and wilmington is 64 degrees. that's our starting point. the wind will be blowing through the day today. just like yesterday. though not as strong as yesterday. but just like yesterday, it's the northwesterly wind. that's dry air that will come into the area and push the clouds out of here. say good-bye to the clouds and hello sunshine. nice and comfortable, another beautiful day today, with comfortable conditions continuing into this evening. clear skies overnight tonight. the clouds that are with us right now, those will be clearing out. wet weather, that's still way to the west. look at the showers and thunderstorms moving through portions of oklahoma, into nebraska and south dakota.
6:20 am
this is part of the system that is going to bring us rain for thursday and friday. but it should be done by the weekend. look at the ten-day outlook. beautiful day today. 82 degrees. a bit warmer tomorrow, up to 87. the humidity stays low tomorrow. it's thursday and friday, the clouds arrive. that will keep us cooler, along with rain in the area. a chance of thunderstorms on thursday. by friday, late friday we could see clearing. it doesn't happen on friday, it will happen this weekend. saturday, 80 degrees. father's day is looking great at 82 and soundny skies. the nice weather continues into monday. it will be warming up on monday. monday evening, that's when summer officially begins. it will feel like it for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. high temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s. tracy? >> look at that, rain moves out just in time for the weekend. bill, thanks. 20 minutes past 6:00. a moment of silence for victims of terror in orlando turned into drama on the house floor in washington.
6:21 am
we will explain how one congressman stirred up commotion over gun control bills. plus, the democratic agenda. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are scheduled to meet tonight. we'll tell you what's expected to take place and why clinton should not count on his support. hello!
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i'm jamal dickerson, and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator. 6:24. today president obama will be focusing his attention on isis in the wake of the terror attack in orlando. he's scheduled a meeting of his national security council today. it's part of an ongoing review on efforts to degrade and destroy. >> the president will travel to orlando this thursday. >> let the house now observe a moment of silence in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in orlando.
6:25 am
a moment of silence ends in drama on the house floor in washington. first congressman jim himes from connecticut walked out in protest. the silence doesn't honor victims but mocks them with lawmakers' lack of action on gun control. other members of congress began shouting about various gun control bills and when they'd be brought to the floor. >> failed to amend an act of 1991 to authorize activities -- >> house speaker paul ryan's spokesperson tweeted that democrats were politicizing the moment of silence and called that disheartening. decision 2016 presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders plan to meet tonight in washington, just after polls closed in the d.c. democratic primary.ç he and clinton will be talking about her campaign. sanders said he wants to learn if clinton will strongly support issues he cares about such as universal health care and making public colleges tuition free.
6:26 am
sanders said what's happens at the meeting he will not be endorsing clinton. again, democratic voters in washington, d.c. go to the polls today. the final primary of 2016. this morning, we're following breaking news. we'll have an update from the scene of the crash as police search for the driver responsible. plus, portrait of a killer. we're learning more about the shooter and the terror in orlando. hear what a former co-worker had to say about his views on race and religion.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> that breaking news, the search for a hit and run driver after a deadly crash on the roosevelt boulevard. this morning, a young woman is dead and police are trying to track down the person who struck here and did not stop. >> time line of terror, we're learning more about what
6:30 am
happened inside the nightclub that became the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. we'll break down how it unfolded. >> plus, gone but not forgotten. a south jersey community remembers christina grimmie days after her life was cut short during a shooting. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 6:30. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. bill, morning. >> good morning. a good morning, a beautiful morning. sunshine and still a few clouds in the area. the clouds are not going to last all day. we'll see them clear out, sunshine will take over. 72 degrees in philadelphia. that's by 11:00 this morning. into the low 80s this afternoon. a little cooler in the suburbs and the lehigh valley where it's in the 50s right now. see some scattered clouds in easton. the clouds will thin out and 74 degrees, that's by lunch time today in easton.
6:31 am
yesterday we saw 78 degrees in philadelphia. low 80s this afternoon for philadelphia, the suburbs, in fact, the entire area will be reaching for the 80 degrees mark with one exception, the shore, we'll see a shift in the wind late in the day. that will keep temperatures a little bit cooler but most of the day we'll still get to enjoy the nice breathe that was blowing yesterday. won't be as strong as today. it's the wind direction that's so important that's bringing in the dry air for today. there are changes ahead. you may have noticed them with the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. i'll take you through the day hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington with the first alert traffic update. >> that's right, bill. we are watching the schuylkill expressway. there's an accident scene around girard avenue. one lane getting by. you can see the fire department on the scene. police officers on the scene as well. the left lane and center lane are blocked. the traffic moving by through the shoulder as multivehicles involved are pretty much trickling back on the eastbound
6:32 am
side of the schuylkill. approaching center city, you'll see delays there. a few moments ago, only the center lane and right shoulder is getting by. it was a confusing commute as traffic kind of split either direction around it. so that's going to cause huge backups with that even traffic flow being at a halt 20 minutes ago or so. traffic is moving by only with one lane. we'll see the big delays into center city. updates for you on this. i'll check in with drive times on the schuylkill when i come back. vai? >> this morning, we're following breaking news, police are looking for a hit and run driver who struck and killed a young woman in philadelphia. this crash happened along roosevelt boulevard at adams avenue late last night. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at the scene in crescentville. what are police saying this morning? >> vai, i just got off the phone with accident investigators who tell me they are still looking for the driver and still looking for the vehicle involved in this deadly hit and run. here's what happened.
6:33 am
witnesses told police that the woman was crossing at the green light across the crosswalk late last night. she had the right of way, when this van, a mini van, slammed into her. witnesses also told police the woman was on her cell phone but, again, legally crossing the road when she was hit and thrown about 200 feet. to give you perspective, that's more than half theç length of football field. bystanders set the impact was so strong, she was thrown on to the mini van's hood, her head slammed the wind shield and she was airborne. this crime has been upgraded from a deadly hit and run to vehicular homicide. >> the driver of that vehicle struck someone and killed them and left the scene. so they have to turn themselves in. because they are going to get caught. >> a few key pieces of evidence
6:34 am
that police have working in their favor, they have several pretty strong witness statements. they have a number of pieces of evidence they gathered from the scene and they have a pretty solid vehicle description. they're asking the public to be on the lookout for a white or silver mini van, older model, maybe made around 2000. it has extensive front end damage, windshield broken and bumper damage. in terms of the victim, i also texted police just a few minutes ago on that. they have not yet identified her. >> we just lost katy's signal there. we apologize. this morning, meanwhile, we continue to follow breaking news out of france. authorities say they have detained two people in connection with a knife attack that killed two police officers. officials believe the people in custody will close to the suspected attacker. police killed that person. this latest twist follows breaking news at the top of the hour where officials said the
6:35 am
attacker posted the knifings on facebook. back here at home, a bicyclist is dead after being hit in camden county. the accident happened around 10:00, route 130 in pennsauken. police tell us the driver stayed at the scene. police have not said if the driver will be charged. >> now to our coverage of terror in orlando. new information on omar mateen. >> a regular at the gay nightclub where mateen murdered dozens of people said he saw him there on several oaks before the mass shooting. the bar patron told "the orlando sentinel" that mateen would sit and drink by himself, getting loud and angry at times. he also mentioned mateen said he had a wife and a child. and others say he made light of 9/11 after the attack in 2001. a co-worker described mateen's violent outbursts. >> he'd kick things, throw his
6:36 am
hands down, just have a violent outbreak of rage. he always referred to every other race, religion, gender in a very derogatory, negative way. >> dan gilroy reported mateen to his supervisorsupervisors. gilroy said he wished he had done more. this morning, we have a time line of how the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history unfolded. 2:00 sunday morning, latin knight at pulse nightclub was dancing and partying in full swing, suddenly an off-duty officer working security gets into a gun fight with 29-year-old omar mateen. the gunman is armed with an assault rifle and plenty of ammunition. the officer retreats, his backup arrives in two minutes. by then, the injured are pouring out of the club. responding officers get into a gun battle, forcing him back through the club and into a bathroom where he takes four to five hostages. dozens of people are trying to escape running for their lives. during his standoff from the bathroom, mateen makes a series of 911 calls, calmly pledging
6:37 am
his allegiance to isis. then a police armored vehicle batters its way into the part of the building where mateen is hunkered down. survivors say the shooter tried to hide among the dead to evade police. he then shoots one officer in the head who was s by his kevlar helmet and finally three hours after mateen opened fire, officers shoot and kill him. we also know more about the victims of the terror in orlando and you can learn about the men and women who died at the nightclub on and on our nbc 10 app. the night before the attacks in orlando, burlington county singer christina grimmie was gunned down in orlando while signing autographs. ♪ last night, the singer's south jersey community came together to remember her at the memorial sports complex in evesham township. 22-year-old christina grimmie gained fame as a contestant on
6:38 am
nbc's "the voice." her brother marcus chased down and tackled the gunman. he talked about the loss of his little sister. >> she loved this town. she loved this state. she loved singing. she loved the lord. and she loved me. and she was my baby sister. >> investigators don't believe the killer knew grimmie personally. he later turned the gun on himself. pop star adam levine has offered to pay grimmie's funeral expenses. the singer was her mentor when she finished third on "the voice" two years ago. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 6:38. the sun's been up for a little more than an hour. we're getting a better look at some of the clouds blowing through philadelphia. they'll keep on moving. we'll wind up with lots of sunshine to warm us. from 63 degrees this morning to 74 by lunch time.
6:39 am
80 degrees, that's by 4:00 this afternoon. the suburbs, plenty of sunshine today for a quick warmup. that will allow the numbers to climb into the 70s and near 80 degrees this afternoon. that's a view from suburban square in lehigh valley. you can see scattered clouds, 57 degrees to start with. 71 degrees by lunch time. near 80 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. notice that for each of these locations, the wind stays out of the northwest. won't be as strong as yesterday. it will be present in our area for today. in new jersey, that steady wind will keep the humidity low. interior new jersey will see afternoon temperatures near 80 degrees. at the shore it's a different story. the wind out of the north during the day. it shifts late in the afternoon, that's going to keep the temperatures a bit lower right on the shore. that will be coming off of the ocean. while the rest of the area gets the northwesterly winds and the temperatures climb to 80 degrees by 4:00 this afternoon in
6:40 am
delaware. 63 degrees right now. we're seeing more and more sunshine this morning. seven-day forecast, that's at the bottom of the screen. it does show there are clouds on the way for the end of the weekend. with those clouds will come showers and a thunderstorm. better look at when to expect that when i come back with the extended futurecast in just a few minutes. thank you, bill. 20 minutes before 7:00. let's get a look at the schuylkill. >> eastbound it is snarled at girard. i saw your tweet, so i retweeted it because of the accident. >> we have an accident on the schuylkill again eastbound. right around girard avenue, vai and tracy. it's causing a bit of a delay and problem. they keep moving the cars all over the road. just a few moments ago when the saturday scene first occurred we had a bunch of vehicles into the left lane, then into the right lane. traffic was moving through the center lane and through the right-hand shoulder which creates a huge delay and backup. it seems like they're trying to get everything under control. a few moments ago, more cars
6:41 am
were into the right-hand shoulder. now everything isç pushed over into the left-hand side. one lane is getting by on girard avenue. eastbound into center city you'll see those delays. we check out the delays right now, the drive times on the schuylkill, a 55-minute average trip. there's one shoulder getting by on the schuylkill past girard. a 24-minute trip including gaper delay from the vine in center city to the blue route. average speeds into the 20s. >> jessica, thanks. 20 minutes before 7:00 right now. 63 degrees outside. next, the nbc 10 responds team helps a woman with washing machine woes. >> she says she was hung out to dry for a year until we got involved. >> i watch nbc 10 and i happened to see it. maybe i'll call and see what happens. >> next, the nbc 10 responds team gets their hands dirty to get results. plus, it's a twister. we'll take a closer look at this
6:42 am
tornado caught on camera in texas.
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6:45 am
6:45. look at this. a tornado caught on camera in texas. twister touched down yesterday just north of amarillo. this morning, parts of texas are under storm watches and warnings. in today's nbc 10 responds, a woman's washing machine woes. she claims despite one attempt after another to fix it, is it still doesn't work. >> after one year without a working washer, she called us for help. reporter harry hairston has her story. >> i have a busy life. >> reporter: betty kramer has little time to relax. >> i have five people that live here.
6:46 am
it's a lot of laundry. >> reporter: she brought this kenmore high efficiency washer from sears about a year ago. from the beginning she noticed problems. >> the clothes weren't coming clean. they weren't getting wet at all. >> reporter: a sears serviceman told her to buy special soap to clean the washer. >> then they told me i was using too much laundry detergent. >> reporter: she bought a shot glass to measure the detergent. still problem not fixed. >> an houren aa half nor one load. >> yes. >> reporter: another serviceman said she needed a new control panel. >> each time they came and kept trying to fix it, it never really worked. >> reporter: in all, six sears servicemen came out to her house and with her warranty about to expire and her washer still not working, she called nbc 10 responds. >> i watch nbc 10 and i happen to see it and i thought, maybe i'll call and see what happens. >> reporter: we contacted sears.
6:47 am
you were ready to get rid of it sears contacted debby and let her pick out a new washer of her choice, up to $450 to watch the twice of the one she originally purchased. days later she sent us this responds cam video with her brand new appliance. >> nbc 10 responds, you are amazing. sears delivered my washing machine today and i'm thrilled. thank you so much for making this happen. >> reporter: harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> love that. by the way -- >> harry! harry! >> yes. debby decided to get a regular washer, not a high efficiency one. by the time we got involved debby's warranty had expired. we'll add that $450 washer to our total nbc 10 responds recovery count which stands at $36,911. >> if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds, head to 10 responds or call 610-668-7377
6:48 am
and we will respond to you. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> sunshine is up. we've got a few scattered clouds but we will be blowing out of the area today. the wind we saw yesterday, it's not going to be as strong as today. but it is coming out of the northwest. that's going to keep temperatures nice and comfortable and make for a perfect flag day. celebrating 239 years of the u.s. flag. 12 mile-an-hour winds right now in philadelphia. wilmington, just a 7 mile-an-hour breeze. it's that northwesterly direction that will keep us clear and comfortable during the day. it's not going to be as cool as it was yesterday. it's not going to be aç whole t warmer, though, 82 degrees this afternoon. the clear skies, that changes before we get to the weekend. clouds and rain will arrive before the weekend. each part of our area, philadelphia, dover, atlantic city, allentown, the chances go way up for thursday and friday. but until then, we will be dry. the clouds that are starting things off this morning, not
6:49 am
producing any rain, they'll be out of here this afternoon and the high pressure that we had yesterday is going to keep things nice and clear for tomorrow as well. that changes at the end of the week. you can see showers and thunderstorms lining up, well to the west. it's part of a system that will slowly move our way. won't see it today. won't see it tonight or tomorrow morning. we'll start off nice and clear for philadelphia, a few thin clouds moving through d.c. look at the progress the rain makes. by thursday morning, the futurecast showing the clouds coming in with rain and the potential for heavier downpours thursday morning. and that continues into the afternoon and for friday as well. the ten-day outlook does have changes. low 80s today. low humidity. tomorrow 86 degrees, partly sunny skies with a few clouds coming in late in the day, leading to that wet weather for thursday and friday. and cooler temperatures, too. just into the 70s for thursday and friday. but by the weekend, we are clearing out right on schedule
6:50 am
for saturday and sunday, father's day, is looking good, too. 82 degrees. the humidity stays low on sunday. sunday is the last full day of spring. summer arrives later on monday and here comes summer-like heat for tuesday, wednesday and thursday when the temperatures will be in the upper 80s and low 90s. tracy, vai? >> look at that temperature. spikes right up there as soon as we get to summer. ten minutes before 7:00. let's continue to focus on the schuylkill eastbound near girard. >> i see people walking around there, which is dangerous already. i can't tell whether a tow truck has pulled up. >> a lot of vehicles involved here, also reports of a septa bus. we have a deep, there's police officers on scene. looks like there's a tow trauck there. one lane getting by eastbound. if you're headed to center city and you typically take the schuylkill expressway, especially moving by girard avenue, either way you'll have a big delay behind that.
6:51 am
there's even gaper delay as you can see headed westbound by the scene. traffic is slow there as well. it stretches for a little bit. looking at the drive times you'll have to leave extra early. 75 minutes now eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway. this is typically with no traffic a 13-minute trip. the westbound side is pretty much average for the morning time. this is the big increase there, 71 minutes. 22 headed westbound. big delays either direction but the most into center city because of the accident around girard. >> nine minutes before 7:00. next we'll have an update on a didly hit and run in philadelphia and the search for the driver responsible. plus, terror in orlando, what we're learning about the shooter there. also today, pennsylvania governor tom wolf goes under the knife. we'll tell you about the procedure there. and sharing the road, the new push in philadelphia to protect people on bikes.
6:52 am
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6:55 am
this morning we are following breaking news in northeast philadelphia after a deadly hit and run. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in crescentville. katy, what are people saying about the victim and the search for the driver? >> vai, philadelphia police say this victim, a young woman, was doing what so many of us have often done. she was walking across the street at a marked crosswalk, the light was green when investigators say a mini van came speeding up the roosevelt boulevard, turned on to adams avenue and slammed into her. from our video of the scene, you can see debris from what she was carrying and some of her clothes were thrown off of her. the impact was so great, it threw her body about 200 feet.
6:56 am
that's over half a football field. she was killed here at the scene. the driver, that person kept going. in the last hour, investigate ares told me they are still looking for the person behind the wheel as well as the mini van. that person was driving. it's described as a white or silver older model mini van with extensive front end damage. it has not yet been found. police are still waiting on a positive identification of the woman. they don't know who she is. she wasn't carrying any i.d. with her. she do know she was young, late teen or early 20s. reporting live in crescentville, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. now to the terror in orlando. new details about surfacing about the shooter. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live in the digital operations center this morning. what more do we know, pamela? >> this investigation takes on a bit of a new shape every day. right now, the fbi is looking into several reports from witnesses who say omar mateen had been to pulse nightclub several times before.
6:57 am
49 people were killed during his rampage and last night, at city hall, about 2,000 people attended a vigil to remember the lives of all who were lost. among them, 18-year-old akyra murray who travelled to orlando with her family to celebrate her high school graduation. on thursday, president obama will go to orlando to pay his respects to the victims. reporting live in the digital operations center, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> today a youth group will be in harrisburg calling for stronger lgbt protections in the wake of the orlando massacre. the pennsylvania youth congress plans to call on lawmakers to toughen penalties for anyone convicted of discrimination or committing a hate crime against lgbt people. governor tom wolf will get an outpatient procedure done as part of his prostate cancer treatment. he'll be out of office today and tomorrow. and today closing arguments resume in the federal corruption
6:58 am
trial of congressman chaka fattah. fattah is accused of stealing from campaign accounts to pay for his son's college debt and taking bribes. bike advocates will call on officials to make it safer for bikes to ride on city streets. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington checking in with your first alert traffic. right now we're watching the schuylkill expressway as you head out the door, especially into center city. if you take the schuylkill, pay attention. this is around girard avenue where we have a serious accident scene involving a septa bus. you can see now, one of the cars is lifted up on to the guardrail as well. a few vehicles involved. there's emergency personnel on the scene. it stretches quite a way and takes out the two left lanes, most of the lanes there as you can see one of the vehicles is over into the right-hand lane. the right-hand shoulder is getting by on girard avenue
6:59 am
creating a massive crime time, 75 minutes headed eastbound from the vine street expressway. that should be about a 12-minute trip, typically, with delay, about a 22-minute trip. we're seeing big delays there. average speeds 10 miles an hour. there's a vehicle fire in limerick on ridge pike and arld road. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> we have sunshine, a few clouds and just like yesterday, a nice breeze, coming out of the north at 10 miles an hour. that wind has brought the temperatures down into the 50s and 60s along with dry air. the humidity is so low for west mount airy, 59 degrees. 58 degrees currently in andorra. bustleton and northeast philadelphia is at 60 degrees. these temperatures warm into the upper 70s and low 80s this afternoon. each part of our area is seeing sunshine. any clouds will be clearing out. the temperatures warming up, into the low 80s today. sunny skies for the suburbs and the lehigh valley, 82 in
7:00 am
philadelphia. >> perfect. >> going to be magnificent. download the nbc 10 app for all breaking news, weather and traffic at yourç finger tips. >> "today" show starts in minutes. good morning, breaking overnight, new claims that the orlando gunman was active on gay dating apps and visited the night club pulse. the new twist in the investigation as the night club's owner speaks out in an inclusiveinterview. >> i can't stop imagining what that was like for them. >> as thousands come together in orlando and around the world to remember the 49 victims today, tuesday june 14, 2016. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1


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